About Us

Algoa MotorSport Club (AMSC) is the club of Aldo Scribante Race track, which hosted its very first race on the 30th of November 1975. It is here, years later where the racers still take to the tar, lap for lap, bettering their times as they race past with a force of wind and the exuberant revs of the close behind follower, smoke rises as brakes are slammed, millimeters apart these rivals enter the first corner. 

Aldo Scribante is a action packed circuit with banks and stands catering for spectators. It is more than just a competitor circuit, it's a circuit catering for all with events, corporate days, functions, test days, race meetings, marketing and branding opportunities. 

It is this very tarmac and these very bends,that have moulded and created our home grown National champions of today, Michael Stephen, Chassen Bright, Tschops Sipuka, Simon Moss, Terry Moss and Michael Briggs.

Scribante is the home circuit of South Africa's motoring hub with General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Bridgestone, Firestone, Good Year and Continental on its out skirts.

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