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Photo courtesy Anton Ehlers unless otherwise stated.

The Bikers riders are an interesting bunch. Aged from 12 to 60 + , they all share a common love of riding a motorcycle to it's limit. Below is some of the characters that make up PECBR (Port Elizabeth Classic Bike Racing)

Aaron Heideman (Gingerbread man). Bike - KTM 390

Brain Ellard (Vlam - Flame). Bike Yamaha FZ750 with FZ 1000 motor squeezed in

Daryl Norton. Bike Kawazaki ZZR 400

Irfaan Johnson. Bike Suzuki 7/11 (GSX-R 750 with 1127 motor)

Ivor Vermaak. Bike Kawasaki ZX 6 - 600

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